Updating old file cabinets

Pros: The ease of learning the software and sending documents securely.

Cons: The copy feature of copying and pasting documents in and out of the program.

So, look around and get the already primed lightweight stuff. Here you can see the white primed lightweight molding.

This is what you want to look for at Lowes or Home Depot.

Do not skip this step or your paint will come right off or will discolor.

(My next tutorial will be on Chalk Paint) The priming and prep are the key to getting a perfect finish.

To complete this project, we also purchased several storage containers — plastic ones with flip top lids for sugars and rice, larger glass ones for flours, small square ones for noodles.This chest of drawers was a hand me down that my daughter wanted for her apartment –just didn’t want it brown.She chose turquoise to coordinate with fabric on her bed pillows. The color -Peacock’s Plume # A1249 I could not get a decent shot of the chest of drawers in my daughter’s room after it was painted– the room was too narrow to get a better angle. It is one of those well designed tools that stands the test of time.When I do touch up sanding between coats of paint – the sponge style “Fine Grit”sanding block works perfectly.When painting furniture, if you are not using “Chalk Paint”, you will need to use a primer first.