Updating multiple values

Using the steps below, you can choose a selected group of records and then export them, add tags, reassign leads or projects, and many other functions.

You can also update multiple records through the import process. To edit multiple records: When selecting contacts and organizations, the first button in the toolbar is the Bulk Edit button.

Clicking this pencil icon will take you to the Bulk Edit page, where you can make multiple edits at once.

To make changes from the Bulk Edit page: We also have a bulk editing video tutorial.

Fields of certain types cannot be edited from lists.

With a paid Zapier plan, you have the ability to craft Multi-Step Zaps, which can contain multiple actions.There can be multiple action apps and multiple actions, but only one trigger app and one trigger.When you select Airtable as an action app for your Zap, there are three possible actions that can be taken: With a free Zapier plan, you can design Zaps with a single trigger and a single action.Buttons will appear above a list of records after checkboxes are selected.This table indicates actions that are available for each type of record.