Timbaland dating nelly

Furtado and Timbaland cannot decide whether they want to begin dating or instead flirt with others on the dance floor.

Lifetime is stepping up its 2017 slate: booking a pop music series starring Timbaland, ordering a game show from Jason Biggs, and developing a thriller from uber-producer Greg Berlanti.

It’s clear at this point that Timbaland, aka Timothy “Tim” Mosley, has a grasp of not simply , but raw wavelengths and peaks and trebles, that most non-canine listeners do not possess.

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"I had met Justin briefly before, but I hadn't really hung out with him," Furtado said.Still, they felt like they knew each other — they had so many mutual friends and collaborators, such as Pharrell Williams, who had worked with Timberlake previously and had just teamed up with Furtado for her new record as well. He's really inspiring as an individual because he's really evolved. He's really grounded, and really funny and laid back at the same time." That made it easy to hand over the song, even though having a Timberlake track could have given a little bit of extra value to Furtado's album."Supposedly it was Pharrell's idea for me to work with Tim too," Furtado laughed. I love it when people come out and prove other people wrong — it's like, 'Yeah, you go! But she wasn't basing what made the cut for her album "Loose" on the celebrity factor — sonics and flow were more important — so she also set aside tracks she'd worked on with Pharrell and Scott Storch, and Timberlake took "Crowd Control" for his album instead. "We're all creative, we like having fun and putting out good music.Furtado said of the video, "It's that whole dance that goes on.There's that mystery there, the fun, playful sexiness, the verbal Ping-Pong game".