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for their public statements — I don’t ‘do’ anonymous comments, and sometimes that has a cost.

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A passenger aircraft had a narrow miss with an unidentified object over Glasgow, a report has revealed.

via BBC News – Airliner ‘had narrow miss with UFO’.

Also from au it mentions Airbus comes close to crashing with ufo over Glasgow .

For several years in the 1980s Moseley was proprietor of a pre-Columbian art gallery in Key West, where he sold artifacts from Peru and other South American countries, as well as rare wood carvings from various parts of Africa.

In 1992 he donated his remaining Peruvian material to the Graves Museum of Archaeology and Natural History, located in Dania, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale. Jim Moseley’s other unusual interest through the years has been in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).