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The Collage Tour celebrates the release of her debut CD Collage (PS Classics)," explain press notes, "Drawing from her Slovak roots, classical training, Broadway background and integrated pop, jazz and Latin rhythms's Luba Mason has created a debut recording that accurately reflects her high energy and eclectic nature."She has performed her club act to sold out audiences at Los Angeles' famed Cinegrill and Vibrato clubs, in addition to New York at Opia and Cafe Versilles in 2006.

The self-destructing-photo app biz is looking for about 0m, and hopes the prince – a member of Saudi Arabia's ruling royal family – can chip in a few million.

The prince, whose personal hedge fund is the Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), appears to be interested in investing in Snapchat, even though swapping nude pics could land you in serious trouble under Saudi Arabia's Sharia Law.

“On the agenda of discussions was future potential business cooperation between KHC and Snap Chat in the technology field.

Moreover, Prince Alwaleed hosted a luncheon in honor of his guest at Kingdom Resort,” KHC said in a statement.

Southamerica sex chat and photo swap