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provides approximately one diopter of monocular accommodation which allows for near, intermediate, and distance vision without spectacles.Careful preoperative evaluation and sound clinical judgement should be used by the surgeon to decide the risk / benefit ratio before implanting a lens in a patient.The best remedy for this is to insert an artificial lens into the eye.This is now a standard part of cataract surgery, though it has not always been so.After your cataract is removed, your ophthalmologist will implant a replacement lens often called a cataract lens.Many patients will tell me at first that they don’t want a cataract lens placed after their natural lens is removed.If a lens implant is not used the eye must be brought into focus with either a spectacle lens or contact lens. A spectacle lens will be thick, heavy and restrict the field of vision.

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With monofocal IOLs, the light is bent by the lens so that it will form a focus point on the retina of the eye.

Unlike most other IOLs, the AO IOL optic has hinges connecting it to the haptic; please see adverse events section below for more information.

Do not resterilize this intraocular lens by any method.

He noticed that it was well tolerated and realized that plastic lens implants of the same material could be formed for eye lens replacement after cataract surgery.

The original IOLs where made of rigid PMMA (plastic).