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Maybe it’s just us, but every time we bring ourselves to look up from our glass of wine, there are guys all over the place. Somewhere way back in social history it was decreed that one should date to find a mate. But nowadays, in the big, bad 2010s, you can date for a variety of reasons, many of them far more enjoyable, debatably, than “finding a mate.” Dating has lots of purposes.

But, ladies, can you remember the last time you looked around a bar and thought, THERE ARE NO MEN HERE?

For the best results, respond right away to their note–while you are still fresh in your admirer’s mind. When the site started in 1997, Internet dating was a little-known and somewhat scary phenomenon; somewhere after the millennium, it became the to meet someone. And I’m not a loser: As a thirty-nine-year-old New Yorker, I’m pretty, athletic, down-to-earth, sporty and fun. ” is what people say about me, although I’m not sure if it’s a compliment or an insult.

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Click through to figure out your game plan for getting in on the in-crowd of any of these exclusive dating scenes.There are a number of clichés about dating in this city, some truer than others.There really do seem to be more women than men, which is why the comedian Amy Schumer recently compared looking for a new man in the NY dating warzone with Syria.You can date for free drinks, or taxi rides (don’t judge), or a discount at J. You can date for the experience, in which dates you later define as “unsuccessful” are only so because you didn’t , or go on to marry that person, which is actually a success, if you think about it — at least most of the time.If you’d succeeded at your very first relationship, where would you be? That’s all many of us want, at least until we decide we want otherwise.