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One day in the year 1352, for example, Ibn Battuta of Tangiers visited a Massufa family from Walata.

He was utterly scandalised by the scene before him.

5300-4300 BC; the Karanovo sites in central Bulgaria from the early sixth to the mid-fifth millennium; and the Linearbandkeramik, spanning central Europe, c. Although distinctive cultures developed over a large geological region, Gimbutas and other scholars have described similarities in economy, social structure and ritual activities within the Neolithic period (Gimbutas 1956, 1974, 1989, 1991; Whittle 1985: 64; Milisauskas 2002).

Whereas power is more handily distributed among men, there are a handful of surviving matriarchal societies in the world that are stubbornly destabilizing a flawed status quo.

mighty scarce.” Words to be taken to heart by a global society who persists in keeping a gap in both economic opportunity and equal rights between men and women.

The prehistoric mound settlements were abandoned before the Bronze Age.

A channel of the Çarşamba river once flowed between the two mounds, and the settlement was built on alluvial clay which may have been favourable for early agriculture.