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From pineapple-flavoured strawberries called pineberries, to kiwi berries and pluots - plums mixed with apricots - there is a huge variety of weird and wonderful tastes for you to try.British experts spent 15 years working tirelessly to perfect a tastier and more appealing version of the classic Brussels sprout by cross-breeding it with kale. You might have the summer off from work or school, or you may be stuck working all summer, either way, you will find yourself with downtime and need to experience all that this glorious season has to offer. Longer days, bon fires, summer vacation (for some), and a season where anything is possible. Both Brussels sprouts and kale belong to the Brassica family of vegetables which also includes broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, turnip, radish and cress.

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Alfonso Ribeiro reveals the secrets behind heat-and-eat barbecue from Farm Rich Smokehouse, the super yellow color of French's Mustard and the sweet-sour punch of Mt. Plus, Christie Cookie Co.'s serious Chocolate Brownies are packed with three types of luscious chocolate and a surprising ingredient.

Alfonso Ribeiro takes you on a tour of local legends, from Tennessee's iconic Jack Daniel's Whiskey to the Fannie May factory in Ohio where sweet Buckeyes are made.