How to spot an online dating scammer

You may get messages from people like this, often using overly-affectionate terms straight away and declaring their undying love to you.

Usually their level of English would be quite poor.

But despite their diversity, all of these stories have a range of perfectly similar elements.

Let’s list them here so you can make a check list if you ever find yourself suspecting the hot guy you’ve been chatting with to be a scammer. Scammers are following just one type of character actually.

Understanding how to spot a scam when you begin to date online is a way for you to ensure you are protecting yourself and your identity any time you begin to get to know someone new online.

Although using an online dating community is a great way to meet new people, make friends and find true love, it is important to stay safe and protected at all times until you feel genuinely comfortable with getting to know and share more with the other individual you are connecting with online.

The men describe themselves as honest and gentle and their pictures look just as posed.

We have explained how not to be scammed on a dating site and pray this advice this protects you.

And very often the interpreters don’t have complete and accurate information about the girl, so cann’t give a precise answer to specific questions about the girl to a man.

Maybe someone of you, who is reading my article now, have been in this kind of situation.

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