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The year 2016 made history, with a record global temperature, exceptionally low sea ice, and unabated sea level rise and ocean heat, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).Extreme weather and climate conditions have continued into 2017.Because the social and economic impacts of climate change have become so important, WMO partnered with other United Nations organizations for the first time this year to include information on these impacts.WMO also prepared an interactive story map to highlight some of the main trends and events in 2016.your picks for the sexiest, most irresistible, unattached guys on your radio dial. Jerrod Niemann Sizzle Factor: Movie star good looks, hilariously dry wit … Jerrod‘s vocal range is wide enough that he recorded all nine background vocal parts on his No.1 hit, ‘Lover Lover.’ Dating Mantra: “My favorite thing is a sense of humor, because sometimes personalities can clash … At the end of the day, that’s what lasts.” Download Jerrod Niemann Songs 9.And after we tallied the votes, we got out our little black book to contact each heartthrob on the countdown to get his thoughts on dating. (tie) Jason Jones Sizzle Factor: That dimple on the blue-eyed boy next door’s right cheek gets even bigger when he smiles, which apparently is quite often given Jason‘s sly sense of humor.

And with songs like ‘Unlikely Angel’ and ‘Slow Dance,’ the tender tenor can make any girl swoon.

This app is based on the premise that a user posts an idea of a date they would like to go on.

Other singles who like the idea also express the desire to go on a date.

Drones will undoubtedly make a difference, so harness the potential and develop a lasting solution.3D printing design and innovation is swinging upward and growing in popularity.

Most of us don't have a 3D printer sitting on our desktops right now, but many predict that's where we're headed.