Ft island seunghyun and miss a suzy really are dating suger daddy dating

Hongki: Went to Japan, started filming MV at 4am and did recording on the 2nd day till night. Minhwan said “I’m at home, heading out already, heading out already”.

Minhwan: Even the Chuseok’s break was spent in Japan. I laughed out after awhile and my laughter was discovered as Jonghun was talking on the phone.

LSJ: We heard Hongki also made a promise if the song wins #1. To be honest, we are only promoting this album for 2 weeks. ^_^MHJ: If FT ISLAND ever becomes a dancing group, Jaejin needs to be in charge of choreography. As for other selections, Hongki chose Baek Jin Hee and Kim Hee Chul claiming they’ll get upset if he doesn’t. LSJ: So you didn’t have any dating experience before debut, right? MHJ: So we hear when Minhwan was a boy, he was more interested in girl groups than girls. But I was surprised because it just went straight to us. MH: When I was younger, I used to like older women.

So we considered the album as a gift and weren’t even thinking about winning. JJ: The way I see it, Hongki said I’ll do it just because he doesn’t want to do it himself. The keyword is “IF.” Therefore, Jaejin will never have to worry about choreography and FT ISLAND will never become a dance group. Mnet’s file video showed Minhwan looking behind him to check out KARA and then messing up his drumming.

Jonghun: I would have remembered if we had rested.. But Hongki hyung suddenly called me saying that he got into trouble and wants me to be there quickly. Seunghyun: I said “What kind of trouble” and he told me to look for it online, saying that the news is out and it is a big matter. At that time, we really thought what Hongki hyung had joked about was real.

The manager said everyone were resting on Chuseok last year, except for Hongki who was filming for the TV drama.

This is why Suzy can't make guy friends and why guys stay away from her in general I bet.

miss a flawless as usual there's rumor in daum cafe about suzy dating ft island's seunghyun?

JJ: "I’m fine.”Shindong skipped over individual introduction because for one, who doesnt know who is who in FT Island? If a track is played for more than 30 seconds, FT Island members get paid for copyrights. It’s all yours Seunghyun.”SH: “Our album is named Five Treasure Island…”SD: “No, not like that.”Rap Time!

Jonghun: We were eating bentos when others were eating songpyeon (rice cake). Jaejin also went to search on the internet immediately and even said “Hyung, there wasn’t any news”.

Hongki: Isn’t it fortunate that we ate bentos instead of rice balls? Jaejin: I had my computer with me at that time so I went to search for it on the internet.

The blogger also said they want to believe the rumors of these two dating who are friends in high school.

A top of the top celebrity A is 'shocking shocking' the industry after it's been found that he's dating a female idol star 25 years younger than him.

Ft island seunghyun and miss a suzy really are dating