Dating jewellery validating a filter for microbiology

Make sure you find the perfect engagement ring when planning a marriage proposal.

Our stunning range of intricately-designed diamond rings are the ideal way to make the ultimate commitment to the love of your life.

Founded in 1886, the House of Adler is known for its ability to move with the times. A family-owned jeweller founded in 2013, based in Salzburg, Austria, AENEA gets its name from the...

Although most of IDD's line is featured in 14K gold, retailers can order most pieces in alternative metals such as 18K gold, platinum and palladium, and white, yellow or rose gold.

IDD also offers the ability to order most of its products in multiple diamond qualities.

Our products are made by the cream of the world's jewellery manufacturers, using state of the art technology to achieve the ultimate in quality.

Location The Zinzi organisation is based in Rotterdam, Europe's transport hub.