Consolidating domains

While all of them were successful, the journey wasn’t without some bumps along the road.

Sure, the platform is different, and there’s a learning curve, but the appliance is far more efficient, faster and stable than its Windows counterpart. Well there’s two options – build a new one and swing your hosts over, or migrate your existing v Center. While this isn’t going to be a step-by-step guide on how to migrate to the VCSA, I do want to talk about how to make your migration successful.

The v Center Server Appliance is all the rage right now.

No, it’s not a fad, in fact if you want to make sure you can take advantage of all the latest cool features, you should make the jump.

The following illustration shows the Contoso_Sub subsidiary network before being migrated into the Contoso parent network.

consolidating domains-55consolidating domains-57

Even though it may be your name on a handle, until you have gained access to that handle, you cannot use it for manipulating your domain.All that you need to do is to change the owner to be the “definitive” handle, and change the contacts to be the “definitive” handle.Once this has been done, you will see that you only have to worry about one handle!This is usually in the form of two sites with a v Center and some number of hosts, each site on their own little island (i.e.; different SSO domains).After all, this is the easiest way to deploy v Sphere – stand up a Windows VM, do a simple v Center install so all components reside on the same VM and TA-DA, VMWARE!